Campaign KickOff 2018

I officially entered the race for the Republican candidate for Wyoming House of Representatives for District 30 on 4 April 2017.  Thank you to all the supporters who were able to make it to the event and to those who expressed their regrets.  My commitment is to Solutions Not Stances.

For the past two years, I have been actively engaging with the Sheridan community and participating in the legislative processes.  There are great opportunities and troubling difficulties the state is facing that require knowledgable and committed legislators to make critical decisions to propel the state forward.  My leadership experience in government and the private sector, expertise in process improvement and business streamlining, dedication to service and commitment to the community and state makes me uniquely qualified.  I welcome the opportunity to put those qualities to work for you. 


As a direct result of what I saw as deceptive practices in some of the 2016 campaigns, I established a blog to provide information about the legislature including an ongoing status of all bills for both the 2017 and 2018 sessions.  During the interim periods, I was able to attend numerous committee meetings including Revenue, Appropriations, Travel, Corporations, Minerals and Judiciary.  It is during those meetings that the heavy lifting for upcoming legislation is completed.  

Being an observer and occasional participant in those committees gave me insight into the qualities of a good legislator, regardless of political party.  These include being respectful of the differences in viewpoints, giving due consideration to input from all sides of a particular issue before make a decision, asking questions to ensure full understanding, staying focused on Wyoming issues/opportunities and supporting actionable legislation.

As the campaign progresses, I will provide more detailed information on my platform and proposals as well as insights gained from meeting with the residents of House District 30.  It is my intention to reach as many homes as possible and to have public events to answer questions and receive recommendations.

I welcome your support in making this a successful campaign.  Please join me as a supporter or volunteer; sign ups are available on the website landing page.  As with any campaign, funding is always critical.  Your financial support, at any level, will help with marketing, communications and events.

The Civics307 blog, a non-partisan observation of the legislature can be found at:


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